Summer Program

Summer Enrichment

All Kids Can Learn is offering students a chance to attend an exciting summer enrichment program where he/she will receive exceptional specialized instruction in reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, advanced mathematics, and a personal writing coach.

Our program organizes students into small groups so as to enhance his/her learning experience. Student progress will be monitored on a daily basis and parents will receive in-depth and comprehensive feedback about their child at the end of every week.

Writing Workshop

Become a Confident Writer! 

Is writing a real frustration for your child? In the workshop your child will build a strong foundation for writing. They will review the parts of speech and their functions in a sentence, build vocabulary, and strengthen grammar. Then they will learn to create a main idea and supporting details and use these concepts to construct a five paragraph essay including an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. They will build upon their writing with guided practice.


Over the course of this summer, students will be working to further develop the following writing traits as they compose pieces in a variety of different writing styles and genres.

Word Choice
Sentence Fluency 

Students will take their pieces through the writing process by planning out their response to a prompt (via discussion and use of graphic organizers), drafting, revising/editing based on feedback form the teacher), and publishing. 


Date: July 6 - August 14, 2015

Half Day 9AM - 12PM
Full Day 12AM - 3PM
Extended 3PM to 6PM


Fees: Grades 3-8, and Selected 2nd Graders

For Morning Session, 9am to 12:

Tue & Thu

Common Core ELA Writing
Creative/Personal Essay Writing
Hunter Essay

Mon & Wed
Reading Comprehension
Math Problem-Solving

Mon & Thu
All subjects above
SHSAT and Hunter

Mon & Thu

Mon to Thu
12 to 3pm
Afternoon activities– Homework
Arts & Crafts/Sport/Playground
Extended hours 3PM to 6PM: extra fee of $300
Fridays--Childcare only: extra fee of $200

Other fees :
Books/Materials/Insurance:  $80

Early Registration $30 by May 5, 2015
Siblings enrollment—apply a 10% discount
Level 4 in both NYS ELA and Math are provided merit scholarships of $100 (Register for full program)

Free Placement Test

May 4 to June 19

4 to 5:30pm

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays



Contact Us 


96-19 69 Ave.,

Forest Hills, NY 11375


718 664 7408



Call us for a free assessment. 

To extend the learning process and ensure children reach their full learning potential though the utilization of the out-of school hours. All Kids Can Learn has been offering an afterschool academic enrichment program in a distraction free learning environment since 2001.  The children not only get a chance to clarify and crystallize what they are learning at school: they set to work on extra reading, advanced math, newspaper article discussion, historical events research, and various creative projects which go beyond their regular school curriculum. This stimulates their interest in learning and broadens their knowledge and vision.

When children enjoy learning, they show the largest improvement in their grades. At our program we strive to instill an attitude of enthusiasm and curious inquiry.  They understand their efforts and hard work will pay off as they meet their goals.

About the Founder

The director, Ms. Wendy Zhang has a Masters Degree in Education and many years experience as a special education teacher in both public and private schools and as a parent coordinator of a high school in New York City. Since its establishment in 2001, All Kids Can Learn School has helped hundreds of students make progress in their study, turned underachieving students into successful ones and made good learners even better.

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