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2018 Spring Break and Summer Programs

This year, our Spring Break program will run from April 2 to April 6, and our Summer Program will start on July 2 and end either on August 10 or 30, depending on the length chosen. 

Spring Break Information
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2018 Summer Program Information
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2018 Summer Program Dates and Price
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2017-2018 School Year Information

We offer various courses in Writing, ELA and Math, as well as SHSAT and HUNTER prep. For more information, please see the attached PDFs. 


Note: After School Schedule is subject to change.

Fall 2017 Academy Information
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Fall 2017 Academy Tuition
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SAT Program Information
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Common Core: 100% Alignment with State Standards

Our advantage lies in our continuous endeavor to provide students with the most up-to-date materials that comply with the Common Core State Standards. Other programs and other prep centers repeat and recycle their material, but we believe that knowledge is accompanied by progression, by expansion. This is where we are different, and why we succeed: we prepare each child to meet standards created “to ensure that all students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge to succeed in college, career, and life.” These standards are research- and evidence-based, and are based on rigorous content. To read more about it, visit: www.corestandards.org


Students at AKCL have achieved significant improvements in their test results

We have created a strong foundation for an effective system that can help students reach a higher level of learning in all subjects.  We have been receiving good feedback, both encouraging and rewarding, from parents whose children have received higher scores on ELA and math than before. All of our students made remarkable academic progress.


90% of the children in the program are exceeding NYS standards. 100% of our children improve their report card grades by at least one level. Their reading levels improve as much as 10 letters in the A-Z reading skill rubric. Math is the most visibly improved subject under our program.

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To extend the learning process and ensure children reach their full learning potential though the utilization of the out-of school hours. All Kids Can Learn has been offering an afterschool academic enrichment program in a distraction free learning environment since 2001.  The children not only get a chance to clarify and crystallize what they are learning at school: they set to work on extra reading, advanced math, newspaper article discussion, historical events research, and various creative projects which go beyond their regular school curriculum. This stimulates their interest in learning and broadens their knowledge and vision.

When children enjoy learning, they show the largest improvement in their grades. At our program we strive to instill an attitude of enthusiasm and curious inquiry.  They understand their efforts and hard work will pay off as they meet their goals.

About the Founder

The director, Ms. Wendy Zhang has a Masters Degree in Education and many years experience as a special education teacher in both public and private schools and as a parent coordinator of a high school in New York City. Since its establishment in 2001, All Kids Can Learn School has helped hundreds of students make progress in their study, turned underachieving students into successful ones and made good learners even better.

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